Arts Camp on the Hill is a ministry of Orchard Hill Church. Arts Camp started in 2008 with a staff of about 20 with around 50 campers.

Each year we have watched God bless the program as we have grown to 120 or so volunteer staff and 400 campers each summer. It has been an incredible journey and we have been in awe of how God has blessed our program and has allowed us to witness to thousands of kids over the past 12 years. Because our goal has always been to serve our community, we have kept our registration fee to $5.00 per child while continuing a quality program each summer.


Our “normal” camp offers 21 creative arts/performance classes along with an end of the week performance/display program along with so many fun ways of sharing Jesus Christ. This year has been very different for us, but we have been amazed at how God has opened doors and provided new opportunities to reach more kids than ever before. We hope you enjoy camp online this summer and we look forward to seeing how God will lead this program in the future!


Q: What age children is Arts Camp on the Hill online geared toward?

A: Our online camp is appropriate for kids of ALL ages.  Older kids and adults will also enjoy the episodes.


Q: Will you only be able to watch the videos at 10:00 the week of camp? 

A: No!  The videos will air every day at 10:00 AM but you will be able to watch them anytime after that from either the artscamponthehill.com website or on You tube.


Q: Will we need supplies for the craft projects?

A: Most of the art projects use items around your home but there are a few things you may need to purchase. There are worksheets on the site for each day of camp so you

Q: Do I need to register for Camp?


A: No need to register, but, if you fill out the short online form that is on the artscamponthehill.com website your child(ren) will receive a special Arts Camp on the Hill water bottle!

Q: When or how will I get my child’s Free water bottle?

A: We will have them available to pick up from the West entrance of the church Monday-Thursday 11:00AM-3:00PM.  Our “special” pick-up day will be “Water Bottle Wednesday” where we will have a more interactive fun pickup time.

Q: How do we post pictures on to your site during the week of camp? 

A: There will be a special link for you to drop your pictures in.  After careful review, we will post pictures to the site daily so we can share the fun ways kids are spending their mornings online at camp

Q: Will the videos be available to watch all summer?


A: Yes!  Our site will be up through August 31 so you can coordinate backyard parties and share with friend groups throughout the summer